Thursday, June 4, 2015

New from Foxes - Body Talk

Foxes isn't wasting any time following up last year's excellent debut album, Glorious.

The milkshake enthhusiast, Let Go For Tonight singer, Guinness world-record holder and part-time Doctor Who actress has just popped into Radio 1 to premiere a new single, Body Talk.

"I like it," she told Nick Grimshaw hubristically. "I was in Wales and I had disco on the mind, I don't really know why. It's kind of a break-up song but it's got a positive view on it."

The single mix is a very different (and much-improved) version of the demo that leaked earlier this week. If you liked Ladyhawke's first album, this is going to be right up your ear canal. And if you didn't like Ladyhawke's first album, what's wrong with you?

Foxes - Body Talk

Footnote: Here is something interesting from a press release for the single.

Southampton-born Foxes, who eschews the lure of the full-on glitzy pop star life in favour of taking the bus around east London and working on her mum's vintage clothing market stall, is ready for the world to hear what she's been working on, "I knew immediately what I wanted with this album, and I was at the reins of it this time” she says.

So there you go.

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