Thursday, June 11, 2015

New discovery: XY&O - Lights On

"Welsh electronic trio." Now, there's a phrase you don't see every day. But there it is, in black and white.

XY&O are a Welsh electronic trio. They're from Cardiff, they play synths, and there are three of them. A Welsh electronic trio. Amazing.

Fronted by vocalist Skip Curtis, they've just posted a new, single onto Soundcloud. Called Lights On, it's inspired by Get Lucky and references that moment when the club doors open and people spill out into the neon-hued night-time. "It always just seems to be a weird maelstrom of lust, joy, sadness, mania depravity and aggression, like people's wiring has gone wrong," says vocalist Skip Curtis.

Staccato but slinky, it's a summer disco track for indie kids - like a 2015 version of Holy Ghost! Check it out below.

The band's name came about, by the way, from imagining what chromosomes a superhero would possess. True story.

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