Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lucy Rose plummets to her certain doom

One of the great things about making pop videos is that you get to tick off items from your bucketlist at other people's expense. Suddenly, Dave Grohl has a valid excuse to dress up like a woman; Taylor Swift can become one of Charlie's Angels; and Robin Thicke is able to cavort around with naked women and goats. Win / win.

But Lucy Rose has bigger ambitions than any of them. She wants to leap off the top of a waterfall, like James Bond at the start of Goldeneye.

I dread to think of the health and safety forms they needed to fill out over at Columbia Records but she actually did it. And the proof is in the video for Like An Arrow - one of the best tracks from her second album, even if it does have a whiff of the Mumford about it.

Watch below, and try to stop yourself from going: "NO, LUCY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" at the 2'30" mark.

Lucy Rose - Like An Arrow

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