Friday, May 1, 2015

You take the high Rhodes

Pop newcomer Rhodes is not, as I assumed, named after the Fender Rhodes electric piano - one of the most iconic keyboards of all time (if you've heard Stevie Wonder, you've heard a Rhodes piano).

No, it's the actual surname of David Rhodes, a moody and mysterious songwriter from Hitchin in Hertfordshire. He's been hanging around on the fringes of success for a year or so now, working with members of London Grammar and Noah and the Whale as he plots his breakthrough.

And his new song, Close Your Eyes, is one of those "head above the parapets" moments. Like a less whiney Sam Smith, it looks set to prop up playlists on both Radio 1 and Radio 2 this summer.

It starts small: "Maybe I am just as scared as you", sings David, curled up and timid - before an astonishing vocal riff lifts him into a soaring chorus. "I'll never let go. You're right beside me, so just close your eyes".

Expect this to soundtrack at least one X Factor montage by August.

Rhodes - Close Your Eyes

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