Sunday, May 31, 2015

One to watch: Alessia Cara

Isaac Haye's Ike's Rap II contains one of the most recognisable samples of all time - a querulous violin figure that underpins Portishead's Glory Box and Tricky's Hell Is Round The Corner.

So it takes a brave, or foolhardy, musician to recycle it for a new song. But that's exactly what Alessia Cara has done and, incredibly, she gets away with it.

Here puts Hayes' track to good use, matching its claustrophobia with a lyric about being trapped at an awful house party. She explained it to Fader like this.

'Here' is a song for all the antisocial, awkward, and miserable party-goers of the world. This one time I went to a party and while there, I realized how much I hated it, along with every other party I had ever gone to. We wrote about it the next day.

Aptly, the video attempts to re-create that abominable party, with many of the original guests making an appearance (presumably they hadn't listened to the lyrics very closely).

Listen below, as this Ontario teenager is definitely one to watch for the rest of the year. Having been discovered through YouTube covers of Justin Timberlake and Amy Winehouse, she's just signed to Def Jam and, I'm told, will be in the UK for Glastonbury next month.

Alessia Cara - Here

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