Friday, May 1, 2015

Leon Bridges' new single is utterly beautiful

Leon Bridges has more buzz than a beehive right now, and deservedly so. His music feels like it belongs to a different era, and his voice will send Sam Cooke shivers down your spine.

Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, his songs are pure heart and soul - simple in their delivery, but devastating in their impact.

Case in point is his new single, River, in which the 25-year-old sings: "Oh I wanna come here and give you every part of me... but there's blood on my hands and my lips are unclean."

The backing track is barely there - a muted guitar strum, a lonely tambourine, and an unusually subdued gospel choir - so it's all about Bridge's whisky-scorched vocals, which aim straight for your gut.

Leon Bridges - River

River is the closing track on Bridges' debut album, due out in June.

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