Friday, May 29, 2015

Hey presto! Little Mix get witchy in Black Magic video

Hooray! Little Mix's immensely likable video for Black Magic has just appeared on YouTube.

Loosely based on teen movie The Craft, it casts the girls as a set of high-school geeks who learn witchcraft to give bullies their comeuppance.

"It's completely different to what we've ever done before," says Jesy. "Usually we dance and we're all sassy. This time, we play characters, we're acting and it's a mini-movie."

It's still pretty sassy though. 10/10.

Little Mix - Black Magic

Speaking to Nick Grimshaw on Wednesday, Perrie also revealed they'd been in the studio for "over a year", and had written "hundreds" of songs.

"Then we decided they weren't good enough so we wrote another whole album," added Jesy.

If someone could arrange for us to have two Little Mix albums (the good one and the bad one) before August, that'd be awesome.

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