Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A regrettable video from Everything Everything

Ah, Everything Everything. The only band on planet pop who could rhyme "wrong" with "automaton" and get away with it.

The couplet comes from their new single, Regret - possibly the catchiest thing they've ever done, powered by a Phil Spector drumbeat and Jonathan Higgs' swandive falsetto.

Produced by Stuart Price (hooray!) it distils a non-specific sense of paranoia into a lively, aggressive pop stomp.

"I wanted to make something that makes you get angry and want to do something about it, because that's how I was feeling," Higgs recently told the NME about their latest record. "Don't quiz me on the politics of Syria or Ukraine, I don't fucking know, but I do know it makes me feel wretched and confused and anxious without having to know who's right and who's wrong."

Higgs has also directed the glitchy video, in which a cult leader and his followers descend into madness.

"I wanted to show people in the throes of ecstasy and pain, finding something strong in their faith, and becoming more and more extreme in their emotions and behaviour," he said, via press release. "It's supposed to be a look into the minds of extremists and what if feels like to really believe something, regardless of how deep or dark it goes."

The main character is depicted as a horrifying a head of teeth - torpedoing any chance of being seen on The Box at 9am. But you get the impression Everything Everything were never aiming for Olly Murs-style chart dominance, anyway.

Everything Everything - Regret

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