Monday, March 30, 2015

Will Young and the sound of 1964

Will Young is back, with a new record label (Island) and more reverb than a thunderclap in a canyon.

His new single, Love Revolution, is the sort of 1960s Northern Soul pastiche that was all the rage in 2007. Enough time has elapsed that it feels fresh again - particularly as avoids trumpets in favour of a clattering old tambourine - and his voice is perfectly tailored to the restrained retro vibe.

Interestingly, the track is based around Andrea Martin's R&B track Share The Love - better known for being sampled on Tomcraft's Loneliness. The darkly-delivered lyrics ("loneliness filled my world") work in contrast to the uplifting backing, giving the whole enterprise a sense of creeping unease.

The vibe is captured perfectly in the brightly-hued video which, as ever with Will Young, is a masterpiece of kitsch.

Will Young - Love Revolution

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