Thursday, March 12, 2015

Video: Bjork - Lion Song

Lion Song is one of the most affecting songs on Bjork's new album Vulcania, detailing her fruitless attempts to communicate with a lover who grows ever more distant.

"Should I throw oil on one of his moods?" she wonders. "But which one? Make the joy peak? Humour peak? Frustration peak? Anything peak - for clarity."

The track has now been blessed with a video, which finds the Icelandic star dressed in the acupuncture-gone-awry outfit you see above.

Directors Inez & Vinoodh said: "Björk's character for Lionsong had to be smooth like a spider waiting in her web and seductive like a Balinese dancer cast in bronze. She is seen as if under a microscope, baring her heart while luring us inside the bloody galaxy of her own wound."

Think of this as a really sad version Big Time Sensuality where, instead of dancing on a flatbed truck in downtown Manhattan, Bjork is dancing in a prison of emotional torment.

Happy times.

Bjork - Lionsong

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