Monday, March 9, 2015

Sam Smith and John Legend - together at last

Some Comic Relief songs are brilliant.

Some are eternally part of the cultural fabric.

And some are crimes against music itself.

But what are we to make of this year's official single?

Renowned pop jesters Sam Smith and John Legend have teamed up for a relentlessly glum re-recording of Lay Me Down - a song in which (spoiler alert) Sam whinges and whines about needing a hug.

The best possible spin is that the chorus's main line - "I'll take care of you" - chimes with Comic Relief's charitable message. But to do that you have to completely discard the context of the lyric.

Having said that, this is bound to raise tons of cash for the needy, so it's hard to be too cynical. But couldn't they at least have got Dawn French to give Sam a thorough tickle?

Sam Smith - Lay Me Down (ft John Legend)

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