Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Marina gets forgetful on Froot no.5

The fear with the long, slow trickle of releases from Marina and the Diamonds' third album, Froot, is that each track will get progressively less interesting. But having had the privilege of hearing the whole thing, I can vouch that the fruit is satisfyingly juicy throughout (do you see? DO YOU SEE?!!).

If you've heard the title track and the current single, I'm A Ruin, you'll know that Marina's abandoned Electra Heart's "throw 25 producers at the wall and see which one sticks" approach for a more stripped-back, mature style. And that continues across Froot's 12 tracks, written solo, produced by David Kosten and recorded with a helping hand from art-pop lunatics Everything Everything.

The result is a record that's coy about revealing its bounty. You need a few listens to appreciate it, partly because the production is so subtle. It's not constantly screaming "here's the bloody chorus, dummies", leaving you to navigate the music's peaks and troughs on your own. As Marina mentioned to me in a (forthcoming) interview, it works better if you listen to "a track a day" while you acclimatise to the new style.

All of which means the the record's unconventional release strategy - Marina's released a song a month for the last five months - makes much more sense.

The latest "froot" came out at midnight... Called Forget, it's one of the album's bigger foot-stompers, with a chunky guitar riff that balances an introspective lyric about Marina's inability to let go of the past.

Marina and the Diamonds - Forget

You can pre-order the album now, and get all of the "froots" instantly. Delicious.

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