Friday, March 27, 2015

Lion Babe have got their marketing sorted

There's a theory in animation that every successful character has a unique silhouette. Mickey Mouse isn't a mouse who wears red shorts. Our brain remembers him as a circle with two smaller circles on top. Dress him in any clothes or colours you like, but you would never mistake him for anyone else.

With that in mind, Lion Babe are going to be the most recognisable band in the world. Just look at singer Jillian Harvey's silhouette.

The picture is a screengrab from the band's Pharrell-produced new video, Wonder Woman. It's a minor entry in Pharrell's discography - like a sedated version of Beyonce's Work It Out - but as the lead track from an EP preceding the band's "proper" launch, it is very serviceable indeed.

Lion Babe - Wonder Woman

By the way, if you really want to test the cartoon silhoutte theory, here's a brilliant quiz I've hijacked from the Creative Juices blog. Can you name all 36 characters? (Click to enlarge).

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