Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Indie corner: Tame Impala and Mumford are back, Back, BACK!!!

Here's a palate cleanser for anyone who's been listening to Madonna's album this week (hint: skip any track that features a rave klaxon) - new music from the Mumfords and Australian psych monsters Tame Impala.

Mumford and Sons first, then. The banjo troubling troubadors gave their new single to Annie Mac as a welcome gift for her debut on Radio 1's Evening Session. The eagle-eared amongst you will notice they've gone all Coldplay on us. There's not even so much as a ukelele on this one. And - SHOCK HORROR - this aesthetic spreads across every track on their new album, Wilder Man.

"There wasn't some sort of big burning of banjos meeting," Marcus told Annie Mac/ "It was just the noise we wanted to make and we've always followed our noses on that. The first rule of rock 'n' roll is, do what you want."

Bold words, there. But luckily the song is a rousing, shimmering singalong.

*four thumbs up emoji*

Mumford and Sons - Believe

Meanwhile, over on planet prog, Tame Impala have released an epic, eight-minute long "jam" built around a primitive synth line and insistent snare. The lyrics find Kevin Parker seeking refuge from the buzz and static of modern life - "and if I never come back," he says, "tell my mother I'm sorry".

The stuck record mid-section is beyond irritating, but stick around because everything rallies around for a fantastic, guitar-driven climax.

Oh, and it's a free download on Soundcloud.

*three thumbs up emoji*

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