Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Good song updates, pts I, II & III

Pt I - I Bet

Ciara has released a proper video for her superlative R&B jam, I Bet - which is essentially a protracted "fuck you" to her former flame, Future ("I bet you start loving me when I find someone better than you," she scolds).

The clip starts off with the "Goodies" hitmaker pretending to be a music box ballerina (albeit one doing some very questionable robot dancing). But, before long, she's dressed in a figure-hugging leotard, showing off the sort of sensual moves that got her previous videos banned in the States. It all ends with that shot you see above, making the video an even more stinging rebuke than the song itself.

(You should also check out the acoustic version I wrote about last month).
Ciara - I Bet

Pt II - Froot

The title track of Marina & The Diamonds' imminent album has been given a shimmering seeing-to by New York hipsters St Lucia.

It's more strident and immediate than the original, teasing out some of Marina's ad libs for an extended, bubbling coda.

Nice work.

Pt III - Uptown Funk

Multi-headed funk beast Jungle stopped by Radio 1 to perform this cover of Bruno / Ronson's inescapable chart smash earlier today.

How they crammed all those people into the station's tiny Live Lounge cupboard is a mystery - but it's great to hear the song performed with a full, live brass section.

And stick around for the fantastic break at 4'20"

Jungle - Uptown Funk

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