Friday, February 13, 2015

Video: Taylor Swift - Style

Lots of fans have complained that Style should have been the second single from Taylor Swift’s smash hit album 1989. I’d argue that the verses in Blank Space are stronger, melodically and thematically, but I agree it’s a close call.

I mean, imagine being a songwriter and hearing the chorus to this record. By the time Taylor Swift had sung “you’ve got that James Dean, daydream, look in your eyes” you’d have deleted your hard drive and sworn a vow of silence. It’s that good. It’s that catchy. It’s almost unfair of Taylor Swift to release it into the wild.

Still, here it is, as the third single from an album that needs no further promotion (it’s outsold Red, her previous record, in just 14 weeks). Supposedly about Harold Styles off of One Direction, it's got a non-Harold-Styles-themed video that continues the polaroid aesthetic of 1989's artwork. And while it looks incredibly chic, very little happens.


Taylor Swift - Style

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