Friday, February 6, 2015

Video: Madonna - Living For Love

Hands up who downloaded Snapchat last night? Those of you who did will have found the new Madonna video, assuming you were capable of following the sort of instructions you'd normally find in an Ikea leaflet.

Perseverance was rewarded, however, with one of Madonna's most stylish, striking videos in a long time. Choreographed by Megan Lawson (Misst Elliot, Nicki Minaj), Living For Love finds the singer dressed as a matador, wrestling with diamond-encrusted minotaurs (as you do).

It's a powerful visual metaphor for the track, in which Madonna declares: "I picked up my crown, put it back on my head". And, for once, the music lives up to the bragging: This is a proper return to form. (I mean, post-2000 Confessions on a Dancefloor form. I'm not mad enough to suggest it lives up to Ray of Light or Like A Prayer.)

In keeping with Snapchat ettiquette, the video will be deleted today and so - hey presto - it has popped on YouTube this evening. And here it is in all it's electrodisco glory.

Madonna - Living For Love

Footnote: Shortly after the premiere, Madonna tweeted a screengrab of her sucking her thumb, saying "bad habits die hard". I hadn't got a clue this was a thing but, lo and behold, there's a really creepy website devoted to pictures of the star with her digitus primus lodged firmly in her mouth. Whatever turns you on, eh?

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