Monday, February 9, 2015

Video: Ciara - I Bet

Monoymous R&B hitmaker Ciara is at her best when she's pulling off pant-splitting dance moves.

Or sexing up Justin Timberlake.

Or simply standing next to a ruddy great truck.

So it's a little disappointing to report that her latest video looks like this.

But don't lose hope, because the video is perfectly in keeping with the lusciously low-key ballad it accompanies. Putting Ciara's careworn vocals at the forefront, I Bet finds the "Like A Surgeon" hitmaker expose her true feelings about her ex-fiancé, Future.

"I bet you start loving me/ As soon as I start loving someone else," she sings. "And I know that it hurts / You know that it hurts your pride / But you thought the grass was greener on the other side."

Presented here as a live acoustic performance, it is really quite something.

Ciara - I Bet

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