Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Video: Cheryl - Only Human

Let's face it, Only Human is as close as we're ever going get to Call The Shots Part II. Minor of key and mid of tempo, it's an uplifting "everything's gonna be alright" ballad that really suits Cheryl's voice (yes, I know there's some vocoder in there, but that's clearly a stylistic choice).

After the scrappy Crazy, Stupid Love and the joyless I Don't Care, this is a real step up. And it seems like Cheryl agrees.

The video, which came out overnight, also echoes Call The Shots with its star-kissed skies and muted colour palate. Cheryl looks stunning in her Pocahontas get-up, too.

Watch below.

Cheryl - Only Human

(Obviously, for all of its merits Only Human is nowhere near as good as Call The Shots - but what song would be?)

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