Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Marina ruined (but in a good way)

Marina and the Diamonds' rather spiffing new song I'm A Ruin is nestled happily in America's iTunes Top 10, despite some pretty stiff competition from Missy Elliot, who's seen a 1,000% sales increase for Work It, Get Ur Freak On and Lose Control since that Super Bowl performance.

It's a testament to the song's juicy "uh-huh, oh yeah" hook which, unconventionally, is positioned after the chorus. It's probably testament to the rest of the song. And probably to the singer's totally rabid (but in a nice way) fanbase.

I'm A Ruin now has a video, which sees Marina prancing around near a volcano in a billowy dressing gown. There is also a jellyfish.

Marina and the Diamonds - I'm A Ruin

Marina recently took part in a YouTube Q&A thing which I have watched so you don't have to.

Among the highlights were.

:: Marina responding to a correspondent who asked "why are your boobs so big?". Her answer: "I am half-Greek and half-Welsh and Mediterran women are quite often very curvy, so it is a genetic reason and nothing else. Both sides of the family have boobs."

:: The shocking revelation that her new album, Froot, is definitely her best. "The first two albums were... very much me still learning about songwriting. Everything feels effortless this time."

:: The equally shocking revelation that Marina plans to promote her new album by playing some of the songs in a public arena. "I will be doing a world tour from October," she says.

:: "I have written this entire record alone," she reveals, "which is incredibly rare in our current musical landscape. That's been an incredible experience, not answering to anyone."

:: The strategy of pre-releasing half the album to fans was a deliberate reaction against the commercialism of Electra Heart, which left her "fucking burnt out".

:: Marina does not own a vibrator.

:: Her musical idols are Fiona Apple, Shirley Manson, Brody Dalle and PJ Harvey. And Madonna.

:: She's interested in collaborating with Royksopp (this would be amazing, incidentally).

:: If she could sum up her career in one word, that word would be "messy".

:: Marina buys her toilet roll in Sainsbury's. No brand was identified, but I'm saying it's the quilted Andrex.

So now you know.

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