Monday, January 19, 2015

Sia storms SNL

Sia is a pop star whose image is that she has no image. She doesn't appear in her videos, she has no photos on her record sleeves, and she doesn't tour.

When won a coveted cover story on Billboard magazine last year, the 39-year-old famously wore a paper bag over her head.

But after scoring one of last year's biggest singles, Chandelier, she's becoming more and more in demand. So what does she do when TV shows invite her to perform?

The answer, as revealed on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, is to cover her eyes with a mask, face away from the audience, and sing her heart out while mime artists and dancers interpret her lyrics.

It's surprisingly effective - by stepping out of the spotlight, she focuses your attention on the music's emotional wallop. That's right, not even a mime artist can detract from the stomach-punching pain of Chandelier's struggle for self-worth.

The reluctant superstar uploaded the performances to her YouTube channel after Sunday's show, and I'd really recommend having a look.

Sia - Elastic Heart (SNL performance)

Sia - Chandelier (SNL performance)

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