Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New from the Staves: Steady

Good news
The Staves' second album is fantastic. Q Magazine's four star review calls it "evocative and inventive", praising Bon Iver's production for "enhancing the sisters' dovetailing voices".

Bad news
It's been delayed until 23 March. "It is completely out of our control (and to be honest with you, almost beyond our comprehension)," said Emily, Jessica and Camilla in a grovelling email to their fans.

Good news
They're making up for it by giving everyone a new song, called Steady. "It was one of the first songs we demoed when we went out to Wisconsin," the sisters inform us, "and Camilla broke not one, but TWO drum sticks during the recording! Rock n roll."

Rhythmically complex and everso mournful, Steady is a song to swoon over - and further evidence of the band's development from the bare-bones acoustics of their debut. Best of all, it's available now if you pre-order the album, If I Was, on iTunes.

PS: The Staves recently posted the following photo to their Facebook page. I await their synthpop album with baited breath.

PPS: Every time I listen to Steady on Soundcloud, it auto-plays this thrash metal track next. What are the algorithms trying to tell me?

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