Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Must watch: The Staves - Black and White

Watford's favourite harmonisers The Staves have just surfaced with a brilliantly back-combed video to their new single Black and White.

Starring the Stavely-Taylor sisters as employees of an incestuous TV newsroom, it's a cross between Sidney Lumet's Network and Will Ferrell's Anchorman - only the soundtrack is better than in the former, and the meteorologist is marginally less dense than in the latter.

"A lot of hairspray was used in the making of this video," the band noted on Facebook. "A very lot."

Black and White is the lead single from the band's Justin Vernon-produced second album, If I Was. If you pre-order it today, you'll get an "instant grat" download of the song tomorrow. So get clicking.

The Staves - Black & White

For reference, here are the band in their regular be-denimmed "garb". I think I prefer their 80s dopplegangers.

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