Thursday, January 8, 2015

Have a listen to Years & Years' new single

"Hang on," you might be thinking. "Have briefly popular 1990s beat combo EMF been sucked through a wormhole to the present day?"

The answer, sadly, is no. The picture above is depicts synthpop trio Years and Years, and this year is going to be their... well, you know.

Sounding like Everything Everything after they've been cured of hiccups, the band make compact, dancefloor-friendly pop songs with actual, proper choruses.

Their new single, King, has been the highlight of their live set for just over a year, so there was always a sneaking suspicion it was being held back for the perfect moment. And, hey presto, just as they get tipped on all of this year's ones-to-watch lists, here it is.

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