Friday, January 9, 2015

Don't avoid the Sia & Shia video

Dear readers, I have been remiss in my pop duties, for I have not watched Sia's new video, Elastic Heart, since it was release three days ago. Somehow, the combined presence of Shia LeBeouf and the creepy 12-year-old dancer who haunted my waking nightmares after Sia's previous video, Chandelier, was putting me off.

It didn't help that The Internet's notoriously easy-going contributors got worked up about the clip. Apparently, putting an underage girl in the same room as an adult man is now considered to be promoting paedophilia (although if you believe that, I think it says more about you than it does about the video).

Sia then took to Twitter herself, apologising for any offence caused.

But she also pointes out that Shia and the female dancer - let's call her Maddie Ziegler, for that is her name - were "two of the only actors" she felt could adequately represent the warring sides of her psyche. Which is probably the most disturbing thing of all.

So you can see why I might have refrained from hitting up the YouTube link for a few days. But I was wrong. Not just because Elastic Heart is an incredible song but because the video is surprisingly affecting (although, if you have an aversion to seeing Shia LeBeouf in his Speedos, I'd advise opening pictures of kittens in a separate browser window).

Here's the video "in full" if you're not one of the 5,123,590 people who saw it before me.

Sia - Elastic Heart

On a lighter note, this gives me an excuse to re-post the best / craziest Shia LeBeouf music video of all time.

Sit back and enjoy the madness.

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