Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It seemed like a good idea at the time pt 365

And the 2015 award for self-inflicted torture in the name of art goes to FKA Twigs, who spends most of her new video trussed up in ropes.

Presumably, it's a physical manifestation of the song's lyrics, where Twigs plays a woman trapped in a web of her own making, obsessing over a man who "only want(s) me in other spaces". The backing sounds like a close-up, slowed-down recording of a spider spinning silk, which only adds to the video's sinister aesthetic.

Oh, and if you're thinking "yeah, but everything's CGI nowadays", take a look the rope marks in this freeze frame.

Gruesome - but as The Verge points out:

"FKA Twigs began her career as a dancer, and her physical work and visuals frequently trend towards dark, sensual material that challenges perceptions of dominance. Her video for Papi Pacify, off 2013's EP2, featured Twigs wrapped in a man's embrace, unable to move, while his hands pried open her mouth. Her recent visual for Video Girl had her dancing seductively around a man about to be executed. Barnett doesn't seem to be interested in moving towards a feel-good aesthetic."

FKA Twigs plays the Brits launch party tomorrow night. I imagine ITV are crapping themselves right now.

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