Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Taylor Swift's 1989 reclaimed by country music

Taylor Swift may have abandoned country music, but country music hasn't forgotten her.

Just before Christmas, singer-songwriters Louisa Wendorff and Devin Dawson created a mash-up of Style and Blank Space, giving the two songs an acoustic Nashville twang and a clever "he said / she said" dynamic.

The video languished on YouTube for a couple of days, until T-Swift herself spotted it and tweeted this.

The clip has since surpassed a million views and Louisa's current EP is shooting up the iTunes singer/songwriter charts. The singer is, understandably, freaking out.

But she deserves the attention -- check out her YouTube channel to hear a singer with a talent for spotting unlikely connections between songs (her dual cover of Beyonce's Pretty Hurts and Colbie Caillat's Try is a superb example of combining two complimentary lyrics to create something devastatingly effective).

Check out the Taylor Swift cover below... It's rather special.

Louisa Wendorff - Blank Space / Style (with Devin Dawson)

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