Friday, December 12, 2014

Sam Smith remembers there's a tempo other than "down"

Six-time Grammy nominee Sam Smith was a notable absentee from last night's BBC Music Awards at Earl's Court. I did see an early running order, however, that had his name down for a "live via satellite" performance of Stay With Me. Wisely, everyone decided that was a terrible idea and he was quietly dropped from the show.

He's still got an album to promote, though, so here's a new video for Like I Can, just in time to remind you what to buy your mum for Christmas.

The clip sees Mr Smith dressed in Ratpack threads, wandering around New York with a gang of friends. It looks like a typical bachelor night out, as they down shots, eat a hearty Italian meal, clamber up fire escapes and... er, dance in formation in a side alley.

The song is one of In The Lonely Hour's more strident moments - clearly inspired by Adele's Rolling In The Deep, and all the better for it.

Sam Smith - Like I Can

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