Friday, December 19, 2014

Pop gem: Veronicas - If You Love Someone

"You don't have to be an activist to want to make a change," reads a banner halfway through The Veronicas' Occupy-themed new video, If You Love Someone.

The visuals just about mesh with the uplifting, uptempo single, whose message is more "stand up for your love rights" than "stand up against the injustices of your fellow man". As protest songs go, it's too adorable to shake the foundations of power, but it's a darn sight more palatable than Russell Brand's revolution of narcissism.

Driven by an acoustic guitar and an irresistible chorus, it was co-written and produced by Syndney production house DNA songs, whose previous high water mark was The Saturdays' Not Giving Up.

Unlike that song, this is quite obviously brilliant from beginning to end.

The Veronicas - If You Love Someone

PS: Here's the interview I did with the band last month for the Beeb. It's not documented in the text, but our conversation was temporarily interrupted when one of the band turned on a radiator and it smelt of raw chicken. You don't get that with Nicole Scherzinger, do you?

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