Friday, December 12, 2014

Marina and the Diamonds is Happy

Here's the second track to be revealed from Marina and the Diamonds' forthcoming long-player, Froot.

Happy (not a Pharrell cover, thank the lord) starts off stark and naked - Marina's voice completely shorn of reverb, like she's singing in your living room. It makes the heart-wrenching lyrics, in which Marina describes her not-entirely-hidden struggles with self-confidence and depression, even more affecting.

But as she sings the line "all the sadness inside me melted away", a few sparkled harmonies appear and the song begins to blossom.

By the end, she seems be describing a religious conversion ("I believe someone's watching over me") and the music matches her euphoria.

It's fragile and beautiful - and already number one in quite a few of the global iTunes charts.

Have a listen below.

Marina and the Diamonds - Happy

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