Monday, December 8, 2014

Madeon has made an album, and here is the first single being released in order to promote that album

In "about bloody time" news, French prodigy Madeon has just unveiled the first track from his debut album - just three short years after his Pop Culture video (a lightning-fingered live megamix) went viral.

It's called You're On and it's a lush, forward-thinking slice of futurepop. Radio 1 has already made it "song of the day" which is apt because it's a properly structured composition with verses, bridges, choruses and all the other musical furniture you'd expect. Clearly, the time he spent hunkered down with Coldplay has rubbed off on him. And I mean that as a compliment, even though it sounds disgusting.

The production is exquisite, as you might expect, given the obsessive level of detail he describes in this interview. Hugo Leclerc (for that is his real name) is the living embodiment of the apocryphal story about The Human League spending two weeks on the sound of a snare drum.

All of which is sickening, given that he's just 20 years old and, judging by the picture above, was created in a laboratory by someone who really wanted their own Harry Potter.

Madeon - You're On

You're On is out on iTunes now. Yes, even in the UK.

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