Wednesday, December 31, 2014

MØ has a new year treat for you

Danish electro-pop singer has plonked a new song on YouTube. It is called New Year's Eve, which is a stunning coincidence because today just happens to be New Year's Eve. What are the chances?

"As a thanks to all of you who've been supporting me in 2014 here's a new song. Have a GREEEEEEAT new year y'all," she wrote on Facebook, having briefly been possessed by Tony The Tiger.

The song is a delicate plea for camaraderie from "a gross teenager trapped in a grown up shape". "Oh friend will you fly with me into fire?" she asks. "We forget about our problems... in the new year".

As you can probably tell, it's not one for your midnight playlist (unless you're deliberately trying to make everyone around you miserable) but it's still got an elegiac beauty that would suit your 4am comedown.

The song is supposed to be a free download on MØ's Soundcloud page, but the link seems to be broken at the moment. :(

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