Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Listen to a good single by Ameriieeieie

Here is husky-voiced "It's this one thing that's got me trippin'" singer Ameriie (formerly known as Amerie), with a new single called Mustang that is quite simply superb.

As Popjustice adroitly observes: "It's an electro song and it's an R&B song but it's also kind of neither; it sounds fresh but it also sounds like 2005; there are times when its sparseness really works, and there are times when it sounds like a demo."

The oddities of its production aside, I've always been impressed by Ameriie's songwriting "chops" - the harmonic shift in Mustang's chorus is a particularly clever trick, and one that lifts the song above the average.

As well as adding further unnecessary vowels to her name, Ameriie will be spending 2015 recording two albums, giving away a free EP and writing two novels. In no sense will the quality threshold be lowered by the end of March.

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