Thursday, December 4, 2014

Empire of the Sun have a new song

High concept Australian pop duo Empire Of The Sun have popped a new song online and it's called Wandering Star.

They mustn't be very proud of it, judging by their absolute failure to mention the track on Twitter of Facebook. But there it is, over on their Soundcloud page, winking at you like a labrador in bright sunlight.

Just like that labrador, it's full of boundless energy and stupidly eager to please. I mean, it's completely interchangeable with every other Empire of the Sun song you've ever heard - but that's hardly a travesty, given their track record.

Oh, and just in case you think the band have undergone a radical change of image, the cover art is from the soundtrack to Dumb And Dumber To, from whence this single appears.

...And suddenly their silence makes a lot more sense.

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