Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Taylor Swift standing on a horse

"You can take your clothes off all you want.  But here I am, standing on a horse, owning pop music."

Taylor Swift's new video is proof that you don't need to be half-naked to sell a pop song. Blank Space is the sort of video Katy Perry would kill for, a heightened melodrama that takes the song's premise, that Taylor is the voracious, psycopathic maneater the tabloids make her out to be, and turns the volume up to 11.

Discussing the treatment, director Joseph Khan (Britney's Toxic, Eminem's Without Me) told Mashable: "She's highly aware of one particular thing that's happening right now — the idea that if you date her and you break up with her, she’s going to write a song about you. She's aware of this. She's not an idiot. Taylor wanted to make a video addressing this concept of, if she has so many boys breaking up with her maybe the problem isn't the boy, maybe the problem is her."

In the age of the Gif-able video, this is probably the most Gif-able of them all.

Taylor Swift - Blank Space

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