Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Jackson Breit: Genius or heretic?

In the list of "things I would not touch", Bill Withers' back catalogue is up there with spider nests and Madonna's forearms. But Jackson Breit is a braver man than I am.

For his new single, Breit has literally sung over the top of Withers' 1972 soul classic, Use Me. It's not a cover, and it's not karaoke - he just weaves his vocals in and around the original, adding an Ed Sheeran-style sing-speak section and even a guitar solo (!) to Withers' track.

"Sacrilege!" you might cry "burn him at the stake!". But hold your horses because Breit, along with collaborator Carneyval, manages to pull it off, thanks to some perfectly-judged jazz phrasing and a certain amount of swagger.

Have a listen. I promise you won't be upset.

Like it? Then you're in luck - Breit's version of Use Me is a free download on his Soundcloud page.

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