Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Here is the video for Marina's Froot

When Marina and the Diamonds unveiled her comeback song, Froot, a couple of weeks ago, I suggested it couldn't be a single because it was too long (and too odd) to be played on the radio.

I stand by that assertion - but it could still become a hit by default. The audio stream's already up to 2.5m views on YouTube and Froot leapt into the UK and US iTunes chart as soon as it was released yesterday, thanks to the star's tightly-knit and on-the-ball fanbase.

But is it a single? Sadly, Marina's extensive interview with Line Of Best Fit doesn't clarify the matter:

"Lead tracks are funny. Whatever you lead with, it's going to put out a message to everybody watching and who's a fan as to how you're going to progress. If I'd come out with 'Blue', probably my biggest sounding song, it would be like 'oh, okay, this a huge pop campaign, let's do the whole Top 40 route' and I'm just not here for that anymore.

"If it happens, it's fantastic, and I still consider myself part of that world, but I don't want to have to adhere to or rely on that anymore.

She's clearly hedging her bets - a hit is a hit is a hit, after all. But with the album not due until April 2015, I'd wager the promo campaign will begin in earnest next year.

Either way, feast your eyes on this old school Hollywood visual treat.

Marina and the Diamonds - FROOT

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