Monday, November 3, 2014

Cheryl did a textbook X Factor performance last night

Cheryl's I Don't Care has been sitting pretty at the top of the iTunes chart for the last 24 hours, suggesting that she'll score her fifth number one single on Sunday. In doing so, she'll set a new record for the most number ones by a UK solo female artist.

Her team have been trumpeting this possibility for a couple of weeks now, and rightly so, but they never seem to mention whose record Cheryl will be smashing... probably because it's Geri Halliwell's.

Anyway, Cheryl took a break from judging duties on last night's X Factor to do her pop star thing, and she put on a gutsy, professional show. She's been accused of miming, to which I say (a) it sounds more like a hybrid mix of live and pre-recorded vocals; and (b) who cares when the choreography is so tight and funky? I believe the correct internet vernacular is "fierce" but, to me, the whole routine was reminiscent of Control-era Janet Jackson - all snaps, flicks and punches.

The song has finally grown on me, too, although I reckon it's crying out for a mash-up with this rave classic.

Cheryl - I Don't Care

I Don't Care (The X Factor) - Cheryl by cherylonlinenet

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