Saturday, October 4, 2014

What does YouTube think of Cheryl's new video?

Remember, kids, Cheryl doesn't care what you think of her. She cares so little that her new video is an endless sequence of grimaces conveying her lack of interest in your puny opinion. Look:

But despite Cheryl's disdain for your points of view, you've been leaving them in your droves on YouTube - where the video for I Don't Care premiered yesterday.

For the most part, the comments section is a pitched battle between Cheryl's "soldiers" and Nicole Scherzinger's fanclub (if you can imagine such a thing). Apparently, Cheryl has "stolen" Nicole's "idea" of filming a music video on a long stretch of sand next to the ocean. Because, thanks to a glitch in the space-time continuum, Nicole Scherzinger became the first singer ever to visit a beach late in the Triassic era, where she bored all the dinosaurs to death with an in-depth lecture about yoghurt.

Otherwise, the comments are as scathing, random and insane as you'd hope. My favourite so far:


9) "Maybe she is not the best singer, but at least she knows how to entertain people "

8) "Listen to her going on and on and on and on about not caring. It's obvious she does."

7) "She just looks demented"

6) "How old are you chery [sic]? Are you 20 -30?"

5) "She would of been better shooting this video round the toon and Byker"

4) "'I can see the milky way and it seems so far away.' Well that's Cheryl's contribution to Astronomy taken care of."

3) "'I Don't Care'. Pretty much sums up my life but i guess that's why i don't have a job."

2) "I'd crawl over broken glass naked so I could wear her arse on my face like a Batman mask"

1) "Why do people insist on creating hate between Nicole and Cheryl? They are both cancer zodiac signs. Nicole was born on June 29th and Cheryl on June 30th which means what!?!?! That they are the SAME so of course you will see the SAME in their videos and their songs will have similar meanings because their personalities are the same! Omg, people learn your facts."

"Learn your facts". Amazing.

Now, let's have that video in full.

Cheryl - I Don't Care (explicit)

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