Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Watch Ian McKellen lip-syncing to George Ezra's new single

Well, as celebrity cameos in music videos go, this certainly trumps a guest spot from Nicki Minaj.

It's only bloody Gandalf, hamming it up beside George Ezra in the video for Listen To The Man, the fourth single from his chart-topping album Wanted On Voyage.

The set-up is reminiscent of "Waiting For Godot", as Ian McKellen plonks down beside our deep-voiced troubador on a stage, empty except for a bus stop, a park bench and a backdrop. But this isn't an existential experiment in the theatre of nothing - it's more like Morecambe & Wise in one of their musical stand-offs.

"He [Ian] just keeps butting in and pissing me off," Ezra told the Mirror earlier this month. "And stealing the camera. In real life, I hate being on camera but in the video, that frustrates me.

"It was nerve-racking trying to act beside him. I’m not an actor, and he’s phenomenal."

Even if this wasn't a good song (which it is) this would be worth four minutes of your day. But imagine how much better it would have been if Nicki Minaj had turned up too...

George Ezra - Listen To The Man

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