Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mary J Blige's London Sessions continue to impress

Mary J Blige loves London. She loves London so much that the "J" now stands for "jolly good". And the latest track from her London Sessions album is jolly good, too.

But here's the strange thing - even though Therapy was written with Baron Samuel Terence Mountjoy Smithington III (pictured above), the bluesy, doo-wop and backing track sounds much more American than anything else she's previewed from the record.

Lyrically, too, her stiff upper lip has started to wobble. "Why would I spend the rest of my days unhappy... when I can go to therapy two times a day?" sings Mary, in a most unbecoming manner. She sounds far too excitable for polite society, wailing and cussing like a lady's maid having an attack of the vapors. Tsk Tsk.

Good song, though.

Mary J Blige - Therapy

Therapy is one of those "instant gratification" tracks, so you can own it today if you pre-order The London Sessions on iTunes. Or just listen to it on YouTube like I just did.

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