Thursday, October 23, 2014

Here's a new Iggy Azalea song

After the big pop hooks of Fancy and Black Widow, it's interesting to hear Iggy Azalea doing a stripped-back, beats and lyrics hip-hop track again.

Iggy Szn (it's pronounced Iggy Season) is taken from a "repack" of the Aussie star's debut album The New Classic. Rather than the usual "one new single and a bunch of bonus tracks that weren't good enough first time around" deal, this is an altogether stranger affair, keeping all of the hits and substituting everything else with new songs.

Could this be a new business model for the music industry - release your debut album, see what tracks people like, then replace the duds every six months until you end up with a Greatest Hits collection in four years' time. How amazing would that be?

Whether Iggy Szn will make it onto Azalea's theoretical best of in 2018 remains to be seen. But for now, as a stop-gap blog post on a Thursday night, it's worth a listen.

Iggy Azalea - Iggy Szn

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