Monday, October 6, 2014

Betty Who on her love of Taylor Swift

Betty Who is someone who's been on the Decent Pop Music radar for a year or two now. Twenty-two years old and 6ft 1in (ie a giant), she was born Jess Newham in Australia before choosing her nom de pop in 2012. Sadly, it has nothing to do with being Peter Capaldi's illegitimate lovechild (as far as I know).

Her BIG SONG is called Somebody Loves You. It's been banging around as a free download and an EP track for ages. An exuberant love letter to a clueless beau, it went viral earlier this year, after a man called Spencer Stout used it to propose to his boyfriend in a US hardware store and filmed the results. It'll bring a tear to your eye.

Betty now has a big old record deal with RCA/Sony, and releases her album Take Me When You Go tomorrow in the US. It contains enough knowing lyrics and splashy melodies for Katy Perry to hand-pick Betty as a support act on her Prismatic tour. And the next single, All Of You, is the sort of thing you could imagine Radio 1 playing to death in an alternative universe where Radio 1 didn't constantly try to act like your cool older brother.

Betty Who - All Of You

Predictably enough, Betty's album is being "held back" in the UK for an early 2015 release - but that song will come out in November on a new UK-only EP called Convertible Nights.

To celebrate that, and the US album release, Mrs Who has recorded some webisodes (like episodes, but filmed by spiders) about her musical inspirations. Episode 5, which premieres here, is filmed in Betty's swanky US apartment in front of a shelving unit that is criminally filled with books ("Uppity Women", "Sharp Teeth") instead of CDs. Therein, our Antipodean heroine talks about Taylor Swift's lyrics and how they have inspired her to cry like a banshee.


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