Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tove Lo sets off a Timebomb

Songwriting skills: Tove Lo has them in spades. Great big digger-sized spades, scooping up nuggets of musical gold from the rich seams of Scandipop [that's quite enough of that - tortured metaphor ed]

In anticipation of her debut album "Queen of the Clouds", which comes out in September (not in the UK), she's giving away an iTunes single (not in the UK) of the album's fourth track, Timebomb. Not surprisingly, it's brilliant.

As with her earlier tracks, it's pumped full of pop star charisma and emotional turmoil: "I couldn't decide if you were the worst human being I'd ever met, or just the best thing that ever happened," she burbles over the opening piano arpeggio.

Definitely worth a listen. You can buy it in the UK next year :(

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