Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Here's a free gift from Katy B

Most people assume Katy B's excellent, progressive second album Little is so-called because she is petite and a ginger. They're partly right - although that hair colour is definitely from a bottle - but there's another reason, too.

Speaking to the Metro last year, the singer mentioned her album was named after a song called Little Red Light, about a cheating boyfriend, whose Blackberry gave him away. The blinking red "message received" light was flashing a little too frequently and when Katy checked it out... Well, you can guest the rest.

For some reason, the song never made it onto the final tracklisting but Katy has just given it away as a free download, ahead of her appearance at the Notting Hill Carnival this weekend.

Spiced with a dancehall/reggae flavour, you can see why it wasn't a good fit for sophisticated dance-pop of Little Red: The album, but on its own it's still a proper little gem.

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