Friday, August 8, 2014

Ella Eyre's funtime puzzle page

Ella Eyre - big of voice, big of hair - has delivered a rollicking new single called Comeback. A bluesy pop stomper, its essentially Adele's Rolling In The Deep on a hen night, complete with a sweary call-and-response section to upset your granddad.

The lyric video came out yesterday and it contains an odd section where the words are typed onto a crossword grid. First of all, who in their right mind types out a crossword?). But more importantly, Ella gets all the answers all wrong. In most cases she doesn't even have enough letters to solve the clues.

Can you work out what any of these are supposed to be?

11 Humorous play with naughty goings-on (7,5)
13 Island regarded as the Japanese mainland (6)
14 Shrewdness (6)
17 Small Horse, native to the West Country (8,4)
20 Ray of Light (7)
21 Gimcrack (5)
22 Hurting (4)

As much as I'd like the 20 across solution to be "Madonna", the answer's more likely to be Sunbeam. The other solutions are probably (in order): Comical farce; Honshu"; Acumen; Dartmoor pony; Sunbeam; Shoddy; and Sore.

Ella, if you're reading, I think you should do the decent thing and re-record the song using these words as the lyrics. I'm not saying it'd be an improvement, but the lyric video would be accurate and that would help with my OCD.


Ella Eyre - Comeback

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