Monday, August 18, 2014

An important announcement & eight songs you may have missed

Alright then... This might be the last regular post in a while, as mrsdiscopop and I are about to become parents. I'll check in to the blog as often as I can over the next couple of months, but you'll understand if updates are a little patchy.

That aside, there's still plenty of quality music knocking about. For example...

1) Charli XCX - Break The Rules
"Going to the discotheque / getting high and getting wrecked." Marvellous.

2) David Guetta - Lovers on the Sun (ft Sam Martin)
Guetta, now officially in his late 40s, has clearly been listening to Avicii and making a few notes. This new single is cut from the same cloth as Avicii's adventures in country music - although the French maestro adds a few b-movie flourishes of his own. Surprisingly effective, and a welcome break from his well-worn template.

3) Ella Eyre - Comeback
WARNING: These vocal stunts were performed by a professional Ella Eyre. Do not attempt them at home.

4) Arcade Fire - Afterlife (Flume Mix)
The phrases "Arcade Fire" and "dance remix" go together like "emotion" and "Nicole Kidman's face" - but this 10-minute epic is the exception that proves the rule that lives in the house that jack built.

5) Michael Jackson - A Place With No Name
Top YouTube comment: "I thought he was dead?"

6) Stacy Clark - Figured it Out
One of those rare, unsolicited songs that pings into my inbox and isn't utter rubbish.

Stacy Clark brings a refreshing singer-songwriter sound to electro pop. Imagine Katy Perry as written by Ingrid Michaelson and you'll have a fair idea of where this is heading.

7) The Spinners - Rubberband Man
Huey Morgan played this on his incomparable 6 Music show two weeks ago and it's my new favourite song in the world, not least because of this ridiculously 1970s TV performance (I won't spoil the surprise but you must stick around to the three minute point).

The 70s funk song, from the same band who sang It's A Shame, was written for their producer's son who was being teased about his weight at school.

Now, I'm only just starting down the road to parenthood but I'm not convinced the lyric: "He's a big fat man who moves real good" would have helped.

8) Ella Henderson - Glow
Following up the almighty Ghost with a slower, but no less catchy single, here's the best singer ever to escape the clutches of X Factor.

And that's a wrap. Hope to keep this going amidst the madness... Mrdiscopop xx

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