Friday, August 29, 2014

Video of the week: Grimes - Go

If you boiled BBC Four's excellent Kate Bush documentary down to a sentence, it was this: "Kate Bush is really rather good, and here are lots of musicians we found who were prepared to say so".

But the progamme's other big point was that Kate Bush succeeded because she cut her own path. Those swooping, hollering vocals; the bizarre key changes; the adventurous instrumentation - no-one else had ever sounded like that before. That's why she was the first woman to score a self-penned number one in the UK, and that's why her comeback concerts have been so enthusiastically reviewed, despite sounding like an excruciating evening of utter bollocks experimental theatre.

Near the beginning of the documentary Elton John is interviewed about Wuthering Heights. "It was not your normal song," he says, "but that's why it was so brilliant. It was great to hear something out of the norm. Things like that don't come along very often. I mean, when has the next Kate Bush come along after Kate Bush? There hasn't been one."

I don't quite agree - Bjork redefined pop in the 1990s with the same cavalier disregard for the rules; and you could argue Kanye West did the same thing for rap in the 2000s. But those sorts of talents are truly once-in-a-generation.

Someone who could manage it for the 2010s is Grimes: A sonic innovator, with a preternaturally assured approach to the way she presents herself and her music. She hasn't quite crossed over to the mainstream yet but, as her new single shows, she has the pop nous to have a go... Assuming that's what she wants.

As noted here before, Go was written for and rejected by Rihanna. But it works better with Grimes' wispy, waspy vocals. The video, coincidentally, looks like something Kate Bush might put together if she was 19-years-old in 2014.

Grimes - Go (ft Blood Diamonds)

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Video: Charli XCX - Break The Rules

Making hay while the sun shines, here's pop-punk princess Charli XCX with her ode to skipping school, Break The Rules, time so perfectly to coincide with the start of a new school year.

The video finds the singer attending school, hijacking a school bus, and dancing at a school prom, so it's possible no-one listened to the lyrics but, hey, it looks great. (Although I'm 99% certain she's doing the ice bucket challenge wrong at the end.)

Charli XCX - Break The Rules

Charli's album Sucker arrives on 17 October and if it's anything as good as it's predecessor, we're in for a treat. Here's what she told Entertainment Weekly about the record backstage at Sunday's VMAs.

"There’s definitely a punk energy that runs throughout the record. Some people will hate it, but I’m really excited about it because I know some people will absolutely love it as well. I feel like that’s what a good album is. It’s very feminine, it’s raw. I see it as being like the color red when I listen to it."

More of that interview, plus Charli's backstage performance of Boom Clap, can be found on the end of this weblink.

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Usher is singing about his sexual prowess for a change (ft Nicki Minaj)

Let's face it, if Usher's last single, Good Kisser, had had a catchier tune, it would have been this year's Blurred Lines. A five-minute ode to oral sex, containing the line "you pull it out, then you open wide" - if it didn't make you wretch, you were listening to it wrong.

So the news that he'd teamed up with noted feminist Pharrell Williams for the follow-up didn't fill me with hope. Nor did the title - She Came To Give It To You (we can assume "it" is not a toy train or a birthday card, although it might be a subpoena for a sexual harassment trial).

But actually, the lyrics are not that bad - they're just lazy R&B clichė (from the man who once spent an entire night making love in the club, we should expect nothing less). And the groove is a solid gold Pharrell classic.

Stick around to the end of the video for a Christopher Nolan-style mindbender.

Usher - She Came To Give It To You (ft Nicki Minaj)

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Friday, August 22, 2014

A rag tag grab bag of new swag*

So, as predicted, parenthood is thinning out the blog posts a little but DO NOT FEAR - I'm still getting my lugholes around the latest pop discs and groovy new tunes (as well as taking a crash course in dad speak).

Here are a few that caught my attention in the midst of the biggest and most rewarding learning curve of my life.

1) Labrinth - Let It Be

Steeped in a steamy soup of classic soul, Labrinth's comeback single starts out like an unnecessary Aloe Blacc pastiche. But you know young Timothy McKenzie will have a secret weapon in his production tool belt, and so it proves on the slightly mad, definitely brilliant, spaghetti western chorus.

2) Haim - My Song 5 (ft A$AP Ferg)

My Song No. 5 showcases the more experimental, riff-tastic side of the Haim sisters, but it's an odd choice for a single when My Honey & I is still waiting to be cherry picked from the album.

The video doesn't do the track any favours, either, with it's dated Jerry Springer Show parody bearing scant relation to the lyrics. Odd - but worth it for the Ke$ha cameo.

3) Juce - Burning Up

When I last wrote about this song in early July, it wasn't scheduled to be a single. But either someone has seen sense, or Juce's record label fancied writing off some money against their tax bill - because top summer jam Burning Up now comes with it's own "visual".

Mind you, it looks like it cost about £20 with change left over for a packet of Jaffa Cakes, but the London-centric tune ("Big Smoke is burning up") survives intact.

4) Laura Doggett - Phoenix

This may only be her debut single, but Laura Doggett is the first artist I'm calling for the BBC Sound of 2015 list.

Produced by SOHN, the track is barely there - a minimal, stuttering click track and a mournful piano - all the better to showcase Laura's pitch-black vocals. She sounds like Tracy Chapman or Nina Simone dragged into the sewers, and it's captivating.

5) Bondax - All I See (ft Tanya Lacey)

Just when you thought 2014 had enough killer dance anthems, along comes another one. Bondax (terrible name, sounds like a drain cleaner) are Adam Kaye and George Townsend, and the video for their tropical take on deep house was shot in Corsica and Lancaster. See if you can guess which is which.

That's all for now. I'm off to do some dad dancing.

* Sorry - I ran out of time to think up a better headline.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Video: Tove Lo - Not On Drugs

It's no secret that I love Tove Lo, the beat-wielding wild child of Swedish synthpop. Her Truth Serum EP is as a illy mixed cocktail of awesome - full of stomach-plunging drama and choruses so megalithic you couldn't destroy them with a truckload of Semtex.

So it's a crying shame that the video for that EP's standout track, Not On Drugs, is so undercooked. The weird editing, the weirder haircuts, the cheap effects and cheaper locations are a woeful disservice to the song's gutsy declaration of love ("There’s always the happy part before the broken heart," says Tove. "Come join me in my little love trip…")

It kind of comes together for the final chorus when someone sets off a powder paint grenade in Tove's face but it's too little, too late (this may be the first time someone has described a hand grenade as 'inadequately exciting for a pop video' but I call 'em like I see 'em).

Maybe just close your eyes and enjoy the song, which is a solid gold 9/10

Tove Lo - Not On Drugs

To counterbalance the disappointment of that Swedish video, here's another, better Swedish video, filmed at Stockholm Pride last weekend.

Yes, that's a genuine cop.

PS Tove Lo's album Queen Of The Clouds is out on 30 September in the US and "TBC" in the UK. :(

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Here's a free gift from Katy B

Most people assume Katy B's excellent, progressive second album Little is so-called because she is petite and a ginger. They're partly right - although that hair colour is definitely from a bottle - but there's another reason, too.

Speaking to the Metro last year, the singer mentioned her album was named after a song called Little Red Light, about a cheating boyfriend, whose Blackberry gave him away. The blinking red "message received" light was flashing a little too frequently and when Katy checked it out... Well, you can guest the rest.

For some reason, the song never made it onto the final tracklisting but Katy has just given it away as a free download, ahead of her appearance at the Notting Hill Carnival this weekend.

Spiced with a dancehall/reggae flavour, you can see why it wasn't a good fit for sophisticated dance-pop of Little Red: The album, but on its own it's still a proper little gem.

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Taylor Swift lets the groove get in

Taylor Swift's new single Shake It Off premiered on a live stream last night, long after I'd started a 30 Rock marathon, so "apols" that this post is, like, 12 hours behind the curve.

But what a song, readers. What. A. Song.

Produced by Max Martin and Shellback (previous responsible for We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together) it's a big dumb dance song with a gargantuan drum loop they've plainly nicked out of Pharrell's big box of big beats for big songs.

A few things to note:

1) It's a grower, but a quick one. My first impression was "competent but generic". My second impression was "why are my feet moving in this uncommon manner? Is this what you humans call 'dance?'"

2) In accordance with 21st Century pop law, Taylor has a "calls out" the "haters". Yawn.

3) The video is terrific. Director Mark Romanek (99 Problems, Scream, Hurt) spent wads of cash hiring professional dancers for a ballet set-up, a street dance set-up, an interpretive dance set-up! etc. Then Taylor showed up and danced like an idiot in front of them all. Inspired.

4) A posse of Taylor Swift fans - chosen from Instagram, Twitter, fan letters and other places - also get to start in the clip. "They have kept the secret that they were in this music video for two months," Swift said. Imagine that. It's a wonder none of them burst.

5) The Toni Braxton / Gwen Stefani cheerleader rap breakdown is great, but there's no killer line á la "this is exhausting" in WANEGBT.

6) Less than a day after it's premiere, the song is already on target for the top of the Billboard Hot 100 (that's the proper music charts in the US, fact fans).

7) It's actually available on UK iTunes right now, too. Miracles will never cease..

8) Taylor totally misses the opportunity to sing "Bakers gonna bake, bake, bake, bake, bake" in the chorus.

So, without further ado, here it is... Enjoy!

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off</></ br>

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Monday, August 18, 2014

An important announcement & eight songs you may have missed

Alright then... This might be the last regular post in a while, as mrsdiscopop and I are about to become parents. I'll check in to the blog as often as I can over the next couple of months, but you'll understand if updates are a little patchy.

That aside, there's still plenty of quality music knocking about. For example...

1) Charli XCX - Break The Rules
"Going to the discotheque / getting high and getting wrecked." Marvellous.

2) David Guetta - Lovers on the Sun (ft Sam Martin)
Guetta, now officially in his late 40s, has clearly been listening to Avicii and making a few notes. This new single is cut from the same cloth as Avicii's adventures in country music - although the French maestro adds a few b-movie flourishes of his own. Surprisingly effective, and a welcome break from his well-worn template.

3) Ella Eyre - Comeback
WARNING: These vocal stunts were performed by a professional Ella Eyre. Do not attempt them at home.

4) Arcade Fire - Afterlife (Flume Mix)
The phrases "Arcade Fire" and "dance remix" go together like "emotion" and "Nicole Kidman's face" - but this 10-minute epic is the exception that proves the rule that lives in the house that jack built.

5) Michael Jackson - A Place With No Name
Top YouTube comment: "I thought he was dead?"

6) Stacy Clark - Figured it Out
One of those rare, unsolicited songs that pings into my inbox and isn't utter rubbish.

Stacy Clark brings a refreshing singer-songwriter sound to electro pop. Imagine Katy Perry as written by Ingrid Michaelson and you'll have a fair idea of where this is heading.

7) The Spinners - Rubberband Man
Huey Morgan played this on his incomparable 6 Music show two weeks ago and it's my new favourite song in the world, not least because of this ridiculously 1970s TV performance (I won't spoil the surprise but you must stick around to the three minute point).

The 70s funk song, from the same band who sang It's A Shame, was written for their producer's son who was being teased about his weight at school.

Now, I'm only just starting down the road to parenthood but I'm not convinced the lyric: "He's a big fat man who moves real good" would have helped.

8) Ella Henderson - Glow
Following up the almighty Ghost with a slower, but no less catchy single, here's the best singer ever to escape the clutches of X Factor.

And that's a wrap. Hope to keep this going amidst the madness... Mrdiscopop xx

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Video: Arcade Fire - You Already Know

Directed and filmed by frontman Win Butler, the video for Arcade Fire's uncharacteristically chirpy You Already Know is the epitome of charm.

Arcade Fire - You Already Know

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Two expensive videos for two lacklustre songs

Earlier today, Iggy Azalea and Ariana "Capuccino" Grande unleashed their new videos and set them upon YouTube like hungry puppies. They look amazing - big budget, glossy, effects-laden affairs of the sort we'd forgotten before Lady Gaga turned up and revitalised the oeuvre (before dropping the ball completely and making unwatchable 12-minute mini movies about her vagina, but that's another story).

Each clip is ripped off wholesale a loving tribute to a cult Hollywood film. Ariana's Break Free harks back to sci-fi sex romp Barbarella (see also: Kylie's Put Yourself In My Place and Betty Boo's Where Are You Baby?); while in Black Widow, Iggy and featured artist Rita Ora make an oddly bloodless homage to The House Of Blue Leaves scene from Tarantino's Kill Bill.

Both videos look great. It's just a shame the songs aren't as memorable.

Iggy Azalea ft Rita Ora - Black Widow

Ariana Grande ft Zedd - Break Free

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Robyn and Royksopp are floating in space

Monument is the 10-minute opening track on Robyn & Royksopp's mini-album Do It Again; an eerie, atmospheric (if somewhat ponderous) groove that slowly gives way to a muted saxophone solo.

It now comes with an equally spooky video, where the dance gurus wake up suspended on a floating disc in outer space. Some awful fate seems to have befallen them all (not least in the haircut department) as Robyn mutters to herself silently between the lyrics - an apparent sign of a disturbed mind.

Or maybe she's just a big fan of Michael Wilson in the Police Academy films. You decide.

Robyn & Royksopp - Monument

Michael Wilson - Police Academy 2

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Just in: Jessie Ware - Say You Love Me

Jessie Ware's new single, Say You Love Me, has just had a simultaneous premiere on Radio One and 1Xtra - where Mistajam played it three times in a row.

And, yes, it's that good. If Tough Love tugged at your heartstrings, this is going to snap them in two.

"I don't want to fall in love / If you don't want to try," sings our heroine. "But all I've been thinking of / Is maybe that you might."

Simply beautiful.

Jessie Ware - Say You Love Me

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Jax Jones + Janet Jackson = Jubilaton

Go Deep is not one of the best-loved singles from Janet Jackson's vast back catalogue - in fact, it was a zero-score answer in the final round of Pointless a fortnight ago - but it is something of a corker. A flirty, flyweight funk track that makes ample use of the Flexatone (a percussion instrument more frequently employed to make the oooooh, spooky sound effect on Playschool).

Janet Jackson - Go Deep

The song stalled at number 13 back in 1998, but it must have made an impression on a young Jax Jones who has reswizzled Go Deep for his debut single, also called Go Deep. The dance remake re-contextualises Janet's vocals over a dark house beat, in a much the same way that Duke Dumont reworked Whitney's My Love Is Your Love earlier this year.

Not coincidentally, Jax Jones was a featured artist on that single, too. So Jax, if you're reading, can you do Toni Braxton's He Wasn't Man Enough next? Thanks.

PS: As something of a Janet remix afficionado, I wonder if Jax Jones ever heard the Masters At Work versions of Go Deep? They took a broadly similar approach to her vocals over a nine-minute, saxophone-fuelled late-night jam. It's quite something.

Janet Jackson - Go Deep (Thunder Mix)

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Banks on your TV

Banks' new single, Beggin' For Thread, is something of a monster; particularly the Middle 8, where she plumbs the very depths of her vocal range before rising a full octave to a throaty scream of "my tracks are better".

It's spine-tingling stuff - and she more than does it justice in this live performance (and her first ever TV spot) from Jimmy Kimmel's chat show on Friday.

Bonus points for continuing despite almost swallowing a mouthful of hair.

Banks - Beggin For Thread

In case you missed it last week, Banks broke her social media silence to post a statement about British girlband Neon Jungle, who've covered her single Waiting Game on their new album...

People keep asking why I let Neon Jungle put my song "Waiting Game" on their album when my album has yet to come out. The answer is I was never asked. I was as shocked as you to see this song made up of my own heartbeats on their album. A song that was born from my real life, my real heartache, my real fingertips when I was at one of the most confusing times in my life. How strange it is to see it used on someone else's album before it even comes out on mine. It makes me feel very uncomfortable. Like my own thoughts were stolen from me and sold as someone elses. I am a new artist and new to this business and I am told it is legal. But it feels really icky. I guess I can only hope Waiting Game means as much to Neon Jungle as it did to me when I wrote it....... BANKS

Ouch. To be fair, Waiting Game has been available to buy for over a year now, so it's not like Neon Jungle have snatched the prize from under Banks's nose. But their version is a poor imitation of the original - the band's over-produced vocals simply don't convey the desolation and desperation of Banks' performance. Compare and contrast below.

Banks - Waiting Game

Neon Jungle - Waiting Game

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Alt-J dashed off a song in 20 minutes and its the best thing they've written*

Speaking to The Guardian recently, laugh-a-minute indie rockers Alt-J (pictured, above, on the best day of their lives) said their new single was written to appease their US record label.

Apparently Atlantic, home to the Bee Gees and Bruno Mars, didn't think the Miley Cyrus-sampling Hunger Of The Pine was a big radio single (what were they expecting, Livin' On A Prayer?)

And so, the band settled down to write "the least Alt-J song ever", taking a "joke riff" they'd been playing in rehearsals and fleshing it out with the most perfunctory chords and rhythm imaginable. Whereas the band typically spend weeks agonising over every note, The Guardian said, Left Hand Free was written "in about 20 minutes".

The result is just what the label wanted - a big, dumb summer singalong, with a bigger, dumber video to go with it. But the band haven't surrendered completely.

The lyrics are a none-too-subtle dig at US politics, with scathing references to gun culture, and the imperialism of the "new economic order" (NEO? OMG! Gee whiz, girl, you're the one for me).

Still, as much as the band have characterised this as a throwaway joke, it's so infectiously catchy that part of me wishes they'd write all their songs in 20 minutes. Perhaps their super hilarious joke has backfired?

Alt-J - Left Hand Free

* Apart from Tesselate, obviously.

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Ella Eyre's funtime puzzle page

Ella Eyre - big of voice, big of hair - has delivered a rollicking new single called Comeback. A bluesy pop stomper, its essentially Adele's Rolling In The Deep on a hen night, complete with a sweary call-and-response section to upset your granddad.

The lyric video came out yesterday and it contains an odd section where the words are typed onto a crossword grid. First of all, who in their right mind types out a crossword?). But more importantly, Ella gets all the answers all wrong. In most cases she doesn't even have enough letters to solve the clues.

Can you work out what any of these are supposed to be?

11 Humorous play with naughty goings-on (7,5)
13 Island regarded as the Japanese mainland (6)
14 Shrewdness (6)
17 Small Horse, native to the West Country (8,4)
20 Ray of Light (7)
21 Gimcrack (5)
22 Hurting (4)

As much as I'd like the 20 across solution to be "Madonna", the answer's more likely to be Sunbeam. The other solutions are probably (in order): Comical farce; Honshu"; Acumen; Dartmoor pony; Sunbeam; Shoddy; and Sore.

Ella, if you're reading, I think you should do the decent thing and re-record the song using these words as the lyrics. I'm not saying it'd be an improvement, but the lyric video would be accurate and that would help with my OCD.


Ella Eyre - Comeback

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kiesza dances with Chewbacca, and nine other songs you may have missed

A semi-regular series, rounding up the most interesting and striking new songs, videos and remixes doing the rounds on the internet. This week's top 10 are:

1) Kiesza - Hideaway (live on the street)
This sequence, filmed live for the Jimmy Kimmel show, is a masterpiece of choreography - both in the dancing and the camerawork. I wonder if the Chewbacca moment was planned?

2) Nicki Minaj - Anaconda
Fans of buttocks rejoice. Not only has Nicki Minaj sampled Sir-Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back, but she has posed for the artwork in the popular supermodel pose: "doing a poo".

3) Sir-Mix-A-Lot - Baby Got Back (with the Seattle Symphony)
Speaking of Baby Got Back, here's a surprisingly funky orchestral version. Kudos to the bespectacled dancer. She's clearly been waiting for this moment all her life.

4) Katy Perry - This Is How We Do
Nice video, shame about the song.

5) Katy Perry - Roar (at the White House)
This, on the other hand, is lovely: A stripped-down, semi-acoustic version of Roar, performed during a Special Olympics reception at the White House.

"I love Katy Perry," said President Obama, introducing the pop star on stage. "She is just a wonderful person. I just met her mom, now I know why she's such a wonderful person."

Oh, get a room you two.

6) Tove Styrke - Even If I'm Loud... (White Sea Remix)
The jitterbug groove of Tove Styrke's comeback single is currently my default "blast the speakers" song in the car, but this remix throws the pop hooks into a cinematic abyss. Unsettling but wonderful.

7) Stevie Nicks - The Dealer
Not quite a new song from Stevie Nicks - this was originally written for Fleetwood Mac's Tusk album in 1979, and a demo version has surfaced on bootlegs for a number of years.

In fact, it was those bootlegs that inspired Nicks to polish off the song and re-record it with Dave Stewart (urgh) for a new album, 24 Karat Gold — Songs From the Vault, featuring a ton of "lost tracks" from her recording career.

8) Ben Howard - End Of The Affair
How do you announce your comeback after your debut won two Brits and a Mercury Prize nomination? Why, with a pensive eight-minute ballad that frequently lapses into complete silence, but ultimately climaxes with two minutes of howling muso nonsense.

Daytime radio gold.

9) Tkay Maidza - Uh-Huh
This technicolor jam from Adelaide's Tkay Maidza isn't the first rap track to reference Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Fabolous got there first - but it is the best.

10) The Chainsmokers - Kanye (ft Sirens)
After the abomination cultural phenomenon that was #Selfie, The Chainsmokers are back with another zeitgeisty dance track.

This one, at least, has a neat lyrical conceit: "One day I’ll stand with a crown on my head like a god," sings the sweet-voiced Sirens. "I wanna be like Kanye".

Will be inescapable within a week.

That's plenty to be getting on with, I'm sure you'll agree. But if you're hungry for more - check out the links to the rest of this week's posts on the left hand side.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Charli XCX covers I Want Candy

It says "Diner Cafe Motel" on the wall, but I'm pretty sure it's just a basement in Shoreditch.

Still - AMAZING.

Charli XCX - I Want Candy (Bow Wow Wow cover)

Bonus content: Here's an earlier performance of Boom Clap, which is equally superb.

Charli XCX - Boom Clap

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Six people who aren't Ed Sheeran in the new Ed Sheeran video

He might be number one for the 700th week in a row [subs - please check] but Ed Sheeran isn't one to go around showing off. In fact, he's even taken the George Michael approach to music videos, appearing on camera as infrequently as possible.

For Sing, the role of Ed was played by a Muppet; and the follow-up has even less ginger goodness.

Don't, directed by Emil Nava (Jessie J's Price Tag; Ellie Goulding's I Need Your Love) features just a few blink-and-you'll-miss-them cameos from the nation's number one artist, framed by a rags to riches story on the streets of LA.

But which one of our plucky cast members is the real Ed? Here is a handy guide.

So there you go... You can watch the video in all it's muted-toned glory below.

Ed Sheeran - Don't

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Sam Smith gets dragged screaming onto the dancefloor

I was sceptical when I heard Sam Smith's latest gospel-tinged weepy I'm Not The Only One was getting a club mix from Armand Van Helden (of Professional Widow fame). But this is brilliant - as Armand chopps and splices Sam's falsetto like a particularly skilled Sushi chef.

If you thought Sam's album was lacking the spark of his Disclosure collaborations, this should redress the balance nicely.


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Beyonce was all over the internet this weekend

Honestly, you take one measly mini-break and Beyonce takes the opportunity to splurge a whole load of "content" over the internet. But you can't be mad for long when have this to wake up to on a Monday morning.

First off, we have Mr & Mrs Carter performing Drunk In Love, which premiered as part of her "Beyonce x 10" series on HBO. I'm pretty sure some of this footage was shot in London, judging by the outfits.

As if that wasn't enough, she uploaded a new, Nicki Minaj-ed remix of ***Flawless to Soundcloud, complete with a rap about that Solange incident. "Of course sometimes shit goes down when there's a billion dollars in an elevator," says Beyonce, giving away absolutely nothing.

Nicki's rap isn't quite the scene stealer you'd expect, though, despite a brilliantly off-colour quip about Dr Conrad Murray.

It wasn't all fun and games, though: Someone watching Beyonce and Jay-Z in New York on Saturday had part of his finger bitten off.

Someone really misunderstood the lyrics to Get Me Bodied.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Video: Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One

Ping! Here's a press release for popular singer of song Samuel Smith, who will be familiar to you from conversations with your mum who likes his voice.

"Sam Smith has revealed the video for his forthcoming single 'I'm Not The Only One' which features guest stars Dianna Agron (Glee) and Chris Messina (The Mindy Project) acting out Sam's heart wrenching pop-ballad," states the PR person, displaying an unusual inability for hyperbole.

The press release also promises banging remixes from Armand Van Helden and Grant Nelson, which surely cannot fail to be terrible.

Video below. Get ready to blub.

Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One

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