Monday, July 14, 2014

Paloma Faith summer anthem announcement

File under "unexpected": Here's Paloma Faith doing the vocals on Sigma's brand new single, Changing. The follow-up to Nobody To Love (you know, the one that took the hook from Kanye's Bound 2 and thwacked a massive drumbeat on top of it), I'd say it's a guaranteed number one.

Co-written by Ella Hair, it's got chunky gospel chords, a soaring chorus and a thrilling "oh-ah-oh" bit where you can throw your arms in the air and accidentally shower everyone on the bus with 7 Up.

Frustratingly, the single mix fades out just as a massive "Like A Prayer" choir kicks in. Presumably they've had to edit that bit out in case someone accidentally stumbles across the song on YouTube, without being forewarned, explodes with excitement.

Sigma ft Paloma Faith - Changing

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