Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Miley Cyrus gatecrashes Pharrell's Come Get It Bae video

Miley Cyrus is an uncredited vocalist on Pharrell's Come Get It Bae - but the song's new video completely blows her cover.

She pops up in the middle of the clip, prancing around with a cup of tea and sticking her tongue out like Buster Bloodvessel in hotpants (dear brain, please erase this image).

The rest of the video is a by-numbers affair, with lots of buxom girls dancing for Pharrell, while he films them for his "personal stash". I guess he's forgotten about that post-Blurred Lines attempt to "eliminate what he sees as an understandable degree of uncertainty over what his attitude to women actually is" now that everyone likes him again.

Pharrell - Come Get It Bae

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